Saturday, 26 March 2016

Social Media, Connectivity and Smart Phone

With the cellular connectivity and the smart phones becoming cheaper, the society is connected like never before. The society which once banked on the information primarily through the word of mouth, and which took time to travel are now bombarded with information that too as and when it happens. With internet connectivity in their palm and with little knowledge the mass can be made to believe and can be swayed with what they may be able to see visually.

'Seeing is believing' - the adage which is becoming and had become already obsolete with the availability of apps and softwares to edit and doctor a photograph or a video. Semi educated and uneducated folks flooding the social media through instant chat apps like wechat can, and are easily fooled and taken for ride by the doctored videos and pictures. The fast paced development in the field of information technology, faster than the educating capacity of the society may bring about some social problems, that we are not able to see or ignoring it conveniently.

So many divorce cases, so many feud in the family, if we care to dig about, it is linked with the connectivity that we are enjoying. I have seen couple of couples with children, going separate ways due to the prime reason of having virtual intimate friends, promising to be better than the bird in hand. Even after finding the cause – now what? That is where we falter. That is where we have no solution – a legal solution. That is the time, we come to realize that the technology is taking over faster than we can cope with it.

I met a couple who got married when Tashi Cell used to be free, for couple of months, when it was in the process of establishing. He was from Haa and She was from Trashigang. So the question of how they met was asked naturally. Spat came the reply, “We met when Tashi Cell was free sir”. Good for them. Both were single. But then on the hind side how many, not single, might have mingled?

The expansion of 3G coverage together with the coverage of subscribers and limited knowledge of the subscribers to use the internet facilities judiciously, may lead to more problems. Wechat being the favorite for the bhutanese subscribers, due to the fact that it is more friendly towards voice messages and you are not required to know how to type the text. Formation of group chat and being dragged into the group willy nilly, and being the member of so many groups leads to draining away of the battery of the phone due to constant ringing or popping sound. I have already switched off the notifications option for couple of guys, as it was more irritating for me with the constant vibrating and ringing noise as I was speaking to them.

The best way of educating the society, in the field of using the internet connectivity and social media and the complex nuances of it is – OJT (On Job Training). And that is exactly what is happening now. Those people who were adversely affected by it, during the training maybe considered as a collateral damages, in the process of learning. Smart people with smart phones may learn form the mistakes of other people.

The 'khathens', middleman and letters are thing of the past. The internet, social media and instant messages apps are here to stay. Embracement of the new trend is the only option to blend in and save embarrassment for many.

BTW just remember – the rule of stranger remains same in real world as well as in eworld, remember your mother saying - “Never talk to stranger.”