Monday, 21 March 2016

Life 0KM Just Enjoy

From the time we were born
We move to the destination unknown
From dragging to crawling to stumbling and walking
From uttering vowels to papa and mama to talking

We go to school with aim set
Partially realizing the destination
To pass the exam and complete each year
Getting refined with a degree certificate

Even after that the destination shifts
To get a good job and to settle
Maybe to marry and have a kid or two
To secure the future of own and of family

The milestone saying "life 0Km enjoy"
Comes but little to late or never
As we get engrossed in repeating
The cycle With our children through same channel

As I look back the milestone had come
Every day proclaiming - life 0 Km
If only it is not obscured
By the engagement with jobs, family responsibilities, expectations, etc
I would have quit the journey and enjoyed

The apt institute being the dratsang
But the majority must have influenced the monks
As we see them getting involved in a race
To reach the destination marked - 'LIFE 0 Km'

'LIFE 0 km' is now and In every moments
Just live well and enjoy
For, if you try to change the future
Is it the real future? - that was designed for you??

(Uploaded from phone)