Friday, 25 March 2016

Bulimia and TB

It is when we talk with people that we come to know about their story. As I was going for a walk, I saw a man with a packed meal neatly stuffed in a woven basket going in a opposite direction. The man was probably in his late fifties and he must have served his better days in civil service. When we exchange the customary smiles that was the time I asked, “Where are you going?” Just like that and with no intention of encroaching in his private business.

“I am going to the hospital, to reach meals for my daughter who is admitted there”. That was more information than what my Just-Like-That question sought, and it lead to more conversation.

“Why? What happened to your daughter?” I was genuinely concerned seeing an old pensioner who should have been looked after by the children was walking towards the hospital early in the morning.

“The doctor told me that she is suffering from TB”.

“Oh. I heard that you get TB if you do not have proper diet” I regretted for saying this but he did not seem to be so poor to not to afford a proper diet to feed his children.

“You are right la. She never used to eat properly and today I am going to try to feed her forcefully, I hope she will eat.” There is a tinge of resoluteness in his voice. Had he coaxed her to eat before, she would not have got that disease.

“Ok. See you. Laso” And we departed. 
As we parted our ways I took this picture from behind to tell this story.

The man's daughter must be in her teens, and I was thinking why she refused to eat? Teenager and not eating or dieting as it is commonly known, is commonly resorted to by the teenage girls to maintain barbie doll like figure. This craze to remain thin had come to our country too. But then dieting is not fasting where you completely abstain from food. Dieting means to restrict oneself to small amount of special kind of food; but not abstaining from eating.

In order to become fat, it is logical that the body requires something to be coming through the mouth. And if that is blocked, the body cannot become fat. But what about the nutrients? The vitamins? The minerals? That are required to keep the basic function of our body running. With a weakened conditions of their body's immune system the Mycobacterium tuberculosis takes the toll.

It is sad to see the sufferings due to self inflicted restrictions, that is resorted today by the naive and younger generations, to merge into the groups and to look appealing in the eyes of the society, whose taste is dictated by the continuous bombardment of the advertisement and visual entertainment. Even our Bhutanese movies actresses are like sticks and sadly that is in vogue and generally considered appealing for the eyes.

Unless we as a society change our taste, unless the fashion pioneers uses realistic and normal looking models, unless pride in wearing the so called zero size diminishes, there would be a damsel striving hard to maintain or to bring down the weight. And some father somewhere taking meals for the daughter admitted due to fasting related diseases.

Anorexic body is not appealing at least for me......