Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The Sugary Problem

There is massive individual variability here. People who are healthy and active can tolerate more sugar than people who are inactive and eat a Western, high-carb, high-calorie diet.

‘Insulin is released by your pancreas in response to the rise in blood glucose (i.e., blood sugar), which helps the glucose get into your cells. Without insulin, your cells would not be able to process the glucose and therefore would have no energy for movement, growth, repair, or other functions. Insulin is key to unlocking the door of the cell to allow the glucose to be transferred from the bloodstream into the cell.’

The blood sugar needs to be maintained at certain level like that of a body temperature and it is completely automatic like heartbeat and digestion in the stomach that one cannot control it even if we want to. That’s where the enzyme called ‘insulin’ comes in together with other detoxification organs.

The raw layman knowledge of sugary problems in the body technically known as diabetes and in locally known as ‘buram natsa/chini gi nay’, was acquired scrupulously, when my late father was diagnosed with the disease. A healthy, walking, talking man wanted to have a cataract surgery to see the world clearly, was diagnosed with a very high level of sugar in the blood during the mandatory check up of blood before the surgery. He was directly administered insulin injection. That made him really weak but the insulin injection did not stop and it was administered intravenously regularly, with the hope of making him okay for the cataract surgery.

The main purpose slowly became the secondary purpose and he was bogged down in treating the diabetes which was in-treatable as found out later. If you have diabetes you have it for life and the only thing you can do is to regulate the blood sugar yourself by consuming the right diet. The involuntary and automatic functions of the body are better left untouched but meddling with which is too cumbersome.

When your time is up it is up. He passed away with multi organ failure leaving behind so many questions. Some people who were ardently religious and believed in religious rituals and black magic were heard blaming some people for using black magic. I ignored their ignorance. The questions that nagged me were: Is everyone on the planet should have the same amount of blood sugar in the body? Are there exceptions? What if someone was surviving with high level of sugar in the body and decreasing it might have caused the organs to shut down? Our body has a capability of getting tolerant to certain substance as we are aware of in case of alcohol consumption.

Generalizing is easy; but we human beings are all unique in appearance which is accepted and who knows internally too some of must be unique? Same quantity of alcohol does not make all the people lose their balance. I heard about a friend whose child has extraordinarily high BP and he is doing just fine.

The question will hound me because of the fact that a healthy man had walked into the hospital and comes back weak and ultimately loses his life, with the hope of getting better and gulping down doses of chemicals made in various shapes and colours, orally and intravenously. But then average life span of Bhutanese is 67.89 years and he had lived well above that, which is the only consolation that a statistics could provide.

I do not blame anyone for everyone tried to help with one-size-fits-all solutions. It would be quite cumbersome and expensive to give custom made medical care, that too, free! Once you are born, you should die, it is just the matter of time and now the testing facilities made it possible for us to know with what ailments we are kicking the bucket