Friday, 12 February 2016

The Resurrection on Third Day II

Sangay realized that he had done a right thing by insuring his life, heavily. He had in mind the other ways of claiming the insurance for the benefits of those renaming behind after he is gone.

He had never imagined in his wildest dreams that he would be alive to enjoy his own life insurance. It was made so easy for him by the circumstances, without him getting involved in any activities those are legally wrong.

He devised a plan suiting the situation and the predicament he was in. He told his sister and mother that even though it was not him who is dead in the accident it was proved beyond doubt by the legal authorities and they had accepted the unknown body as Sangay’s and shoved it vigorously even when his mother did not accept it.

He told them to continue with the rites and remorse and not to tell anyone one about him being alive. After settling down everything he told them to go to insurance company with the documents that he would provide and claim the life insurance.

After 21 days of mourning they went to the insurance office and produced the documents including the death certificate and a statement from the police. Without a hitch the officials in the insurance company was glad to help the mother and daughter duo. They just thought that it must be a coincidence to insure the life for a huge sum and die immediately after paying premium for couple of months; besides it was passionately validated by the authorities and the news through mouth as it happens in a small society.

“Sangay must have known what was coming!" One of the cashiers remarked jocularly as he counted the cash, bundle after bundle, in the cash counting machine that was installed recently. What a coincidence?

Though Sangay was alive he was erased from the world. His benefits and ‘semso’ were sent to his mother at home by his organization. The poor Sangay became very rich after the Robbery and carjacking incident. But he could not come in the open to enjoy his new found wealth. He remained underground for some time and contemplated of undergoing a plastic surgery to form a new identity.

It wasn't easy for nature loving, simple and honest person to bear the burden of crime. But his mother and sister need not slog in the sun and rain to earn the livelihood. It was for their happiness, he remained in-door as living dead fed and clothed by them – prisoner of his own making.

It was the circumstances which led to all these, the circumstance of his parents being poor, the circumstance of him being robbed, circumstance of him coaxed by his friend to put life insurance that to, too heavily. He would not and cannot revert the doing now whether it is right or wrong. He is still thinking of ideas to come to the surface like a normal person and enjoy whatever little he had like any other person.

The realization of money being not the only source of having peace of mind and happiness set in a bit too late for him.