Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Hitchhiker

As I drove along the farm road
I saw a man, woman and a child
Walking on the road with load

The farm road serving the purpose
Of just extended course
In the absence of a vehicle

The nearest village is quite far
Maybe near, if travelling in a car
But they did not possessed one

The man raised the hands shyly
Asking for a ride with his family
My car could accommodate but one only

I drove away with remorse
With not so much of a force
Weighing the cons and pros

The solution, I could not find
They were left far behind
I was sorry for not being kind

Authorized capacity of the car
The man will not know
But the law I must follow

With sympathy, our minds were packed
Mutual sentiments, when my children expressed   
The driver’s eyes, just moisturized