Monday, 1 February 2016

Selfie stick

We take picture with selfie stick so that we can post the picture in social media and be more sociable. Oh really! how sociable in real life? The one who cannot request the passerby or stranger to take your picture, can be so sociable? There is no doubt that the picture come better if the camera is kept at a distance, preferably a little more than an arm’s distance, otherwise one end up looking like an image seen from the security peep hole of the door. Perhaps this might have led to the birth of the ‘selfie stick’.

The other reason might be the feelings of awkwardness in front of the camera when the photograph is being taken by a stranger; or not having guts to ask someone to take the photograph where you want to come in the frame. Some people could flatly reject the request.

Once I went to a bar in India where there was a stage on which girls sing and dance. It is like a ‘drayang’. You can enjoy the drinks as well as the shows. I saw a huge man literally sitting splayed on a settee, which could have easily accommodated three normal sized men. I politely asked the men whether he could spare some space for me to sit. The man looked at me threateningly and denied the request. Sometimes we meet with such kind of people, arguing with, may lead to a fight. That provokes a fear in us to ask for a help from the stranger.

Selfie stick makes us more independent and removes the requirements of taking help from a friend or a stranger. You want to take a photograph? Just take out the selfie stick, fit the cell phone and click away to glory.

Whether the selfie stick is making us less interactive or not, till the time there is from camera and the social media to share the photographs, it is here to stay.