Friday, 5 February 2016

Beyond the Gates

Gates mark the point in our life
Crossing one, we encounter another
The stuff beyond the gates remain unknown
The hope of blissful discovery keeps us going

The numerous gates are encountered
Indication of a beginning and an end
And the ultimate gate crossing which 
Comes back but none

Perhaps subtly implying the transition
With gates here and gates there
Some abruptly appearing as quickly
As disappearing after the event

Gates plays an important part
In the Bhutanese life
It signifies a warm welcome
As well as a poignant adieu

Any event would be incomplete
Without a gate proclaiming - without a sound
Serving a little practical purpose
The integral part, it remains to be found

Destitute yet flamboyant
Ominous yet vibrant 
Or the other way round it may be
Without the indispensable gate

With the effort and budget required
For the gates to be erected 
Would be enough to build 
Tens of public restrooms and toilet

With the bushes gone
The requirement is genuine
Only a limited quantity
Can a bladder and bowel could hold