Monday, 4 January 2016

When the Earth Shook in the morning today

Running is not an option
When the very ground 
That would is beneath you
Is not as stable

But how long can you keep flying?
The force so called gravity 
Pulls you back to the Earth
To land again and refuel of course 

As you see from above - flying
You see it is not the unstable ground
That is dangerous to the lives
But concrete protruding made by man

Like a mole hill, however strong
It collapses taking toll of lives
Contained within and without
Trapping some and crushing some

I for one, though shaken from a slumber
Knowing running being not an option
Lie on my bed and resign to Fate
Waiting for imminent aftershock (which, seldom follows)

I would come to know about the epicenter 
Later in the morning news 
Afraid to see and hear the dead and destruction 
Yet curious to know the facts like all

To learn from the mistakes and relearn
To not to invade the space and raise so high
Plates are bound to shift as we know
But if we lay low, flat and light it would be safer for all
Which is easier said than done...