Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Statue

There stood a statue
Carved from the metal
To resemble a man
Who must be famous

He must have been worshipped like a god
But alas! Not being immortal like god
Thus a statute was built
To compensate for the mortality

The man portrayed by the lifeless statue
Must have been respected and cherished
By the contemporaries of his time
At the site they must have bowed

The immortality of the metal cast
Lost its luster as the time passed
The statue stood out like a sore thumb
In the middle of the bifurcated road

Standing in the busiest street
Almost scorned by the people
Unmaintained, the statue looked coarse
His contributions engulfed in time

The fresh flower wreath
Replaced by the permanent blob
Of bird’s feces - smudged
Dropping fresh on top of old

Mockery of the birds matched
With that of the new generations
Mortal beings should not attempt
To be immortal – is the lesson

It must have taken immense effort
To construct a statue so lofty
And now, it would take moral courage
To bring it down gracefully

Perhaps to replace it
With another figure
Or to keep it clear
For the ever increasing traffic

Memories of great deeds flies with time
Neither in stone nor in metal can it be confined
As ephemeral and mortal as we all are
Let go with time, we must
Let go with time, we must