Friday, 15 January 2016

Prince of Nation

The much awaited news
Of the royal prince being born
To the public when broken
By the King himself

The crowd roared with applause
The wave of heartfelt ecstasy
For the coming of Sixth King felt by mass   
Some uninhibitedly shed tears of delight

So contagious was the heartfelt joy
The stadium reverberated with elation
And all across the nation
Watching the broadcast - live
The gathering for the commemoration
Birthday of the regal Fourth King
“An apt gift” for the occasion
And for all the people of the nation

Until the birth of Royal prince
Fervent and blissful Citizens cannot wait  
We begin wishes and prayers seeking divine grace
For His wellbeing means the wellbeing of the nation

The linage of Wangchuck dynasty
Sealed with the destiny
To continue in the devout kingdom forever
Filled with peace and prosperity

For whom the people have profound gratitude
For shoving a tiny kingdom to modernization
Selflessly and single handedly guided
By the continuation of the dynasty

The declaration on the occasion by the king
Guaranteed the stability and continuance at the helm
A blue blood tracing back to the divinity
Who made a dwarf (Country) rub shoulder with the giants

And ages and ages hence
I will tell with passionate pride
‘That I was there during the times of three kings’
To the amazement and awe of the new-fangled