Friday, 29 January 2016

Life of a Junkie

I picked up this habit,
From friends a bit by bit.
With the urge to fit in.
Aware of it being a sin.

If only I did not have learning difficulty,
I wouldn't have become a junkie.
Trying to avoid the mockery of peers,
Wrath of teachers and friends jeers

With this reason my parents fought,
The sole reason or so I thought.
Leading to their final separation,
Leaving me in a broken relation.

My parent’s divorce,
Was an excellent force,
To push me further - to sink, 
In world of eyes - so pink.

In trance like state, with daily dose
From reality my mind was not too close.
In the wind like a floating feather 
Flying aimlessly to wither.

Urge to blend in, in a small group of junkie,
Had made me eccentric in the society.
When I realized, being slow in understanding,
In my hands my life was depending.

My life spent in drug abuse,
Let it be of some use.
As example for all to see,
And to not to be like me.