Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A Piece of Roasted Meat

It is quite uncanny when couples give reason for their divorce as ‘family problems’. “He/She is good but his/her family, OMG!” And no further explanation after that to the dismay of the one who wants to know the real issue of their separation, despite them being made-for-each-other-kind of couple.

Before tying the nuptial knot, we tend to forget that we all come with baggages. Some lie about the baggage that they were carrying and some even after being open and truthful it is hard to know the behavior of the people, as human being are as complex as a humans are supposed to be - their attitude and dealings differing with every single person. Even the criminals were found to be kind and generous to some people who are close to them. 

So even if the couple wants to explain about the family problems it would be difficult to explain and if explained there are chances of it being misunderstood. Therefore the reason “family problems” is a good enough reason for anyone which is accepted without any further questions. Following story may throw some lights to the problems and its intricacies ….

Sangay was on vacation and on his cousin brother’s incessant invitation to come to his place; he went there to stay for some time. When he reached there, there were so many people in the house, the in laws, who had come to spend the winter at his place. He was glad that he would come to know about the relatives and it would take away the awkward moments of being alone with his cousin and his doting wife.

Sangay’s brother was the provider and he was sort of bother-less guy. He, however, loved his wife and did not care about other happenings in the house. After staying there for a while Sangay came to know and felt the contempt from the mother in law. She looked at him as if to say that, “Why are you here? Without any work and consuming the ration like a pig.”  

He wanted to leave before the hatred became explicit, but his brother told him to stay a few more days. Sangay stayed on but he could not tell about the ill treatment towards him by his in laws without the knowledge of him and his wife. He now understood perfectly, why other siblings avoided visiting his place. The relatives of his brother’s wife had a discreet way of making a person feel so uncomfortable.

It was once during the breakfast, the menu was: suja, red rice (brought by the in laws), eazay and roasted dried meat. The mother in law was serving the roasted meat which was cut about six inches long and piled up on the plate. Sangay was firstly, not served the meat and when his brother noticed it, he asked whether he does not eat the meat, hearing which, the mother in law, dug in for the worst sinew, yellowish in colour and which was obviously hard to chew, was served for him. He picked the meat without even trying to eat and threw towards their pet dog, which was near the door eagerly waiting for the food.

His cousin brother oblivious of the happenings on the dining table seconded his mother in law in scolding for throwing a good piece of meat to the dog. Sangay was speechless at the ignorance of his brother and he got up, picked up the already packed bag and left, never to set foot in his cousin brother’s house, again. He had enough of ill treatments and it was tricky to report without creating a rift between his brother and his loving wife, so he just left mutely. He heard his brother murmuring about the good meat that he had thrown to the dogs. And almost saying sorry but he did not look back and left.

Later during the lunch his cousin brother saw a piece of roasted meat lying on the dog’s plate, uneaten. The same meat thrown by Sangay was so tough that it was even discarded by the dog. This brought tears in his eyes and thought of investigating the things that were going on right under his nose and why only his relatives shun him and not his wife’s relatives.

His exploration and research led to the affectionate, loving and devoted couple to go a different way; only because of the baggage problems. And that is what “family problem” is. Stacked higher and higher with small things until it comes crumbling down.

“If you love me, love my dog.” Or love dogs from both sides equally. And dogs should not fight against each other.