Saturday, 12 December 2015

When You Recognize the Stranger

On his dead bed before the power of his whole body was shut down he wished and prayed hard that he  be made able to remember the faces of his near and dear ones if they were not reborn as relatives again. The Angels agreed to give him some sort of signal without making it too explicit and that assurance made easy for the man to let go.

It would be hard for anyone of us to leave behind amazing people and the wealth that we have tried to accumulate so hard, forgetting about the impermanence of our very existence. Who would not have prayed and wished to recognize the people the we loved so much if we were reborn again.

Some faces in the crowd or as we come across in life, draws our attention and spontaneously make us filled with emotions between sympathy, wishing to care and and love; and the face need not necessarily be good looking. Isn't it the signs that the Angels are sending? We would never know unless the feelings is mutual and it is seldom mutual, until we get to know each other.

With the social media like Facebook and other apps, it has become easier and the frequency of coming across pictures of random faces had increased. Many of us might have got that signal - of feelings of almost having seeing that person somewhere or having being together sometime somewhere even when you are definite that it did not happen in this life. Isn't it the Angels trying to fulfill their promises?

Making first move taking the cue is tricky. You can't directly approach and say "Hi, you know what? I think I have seen you somewhere but I don't remember clearly ummmm maybe in past life". The person in question may be married to a possessive spouse or having a strict doting parents. And there are people following religions who do not believe in rebirths.

However, that fleeting seconds of signs from the Angels goes away as swift as it has appeared and we have better things in present to take care of than getting embroiled in the connections of the past life; continuing the cycle of samsara.

Thus, the wishes of the man on the dead bed never gets fulfilled despite the Angels giving enough ability and signs for him to take notice of, unless it is made very very explicit but then Angels know it better, they do not want to get embarrassed due to the obvious reasons.