Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Virtual Reunion

It is after 23 years to be exact the classmates of 1992 in class ten of erstwhile Gaupay High School meet together virtually in a mobile apps called wechat.  The members in the group as of now is only 28 and it is rising. There were at least 60 of us divided into 2 sections. It was through that apps that I came to know about 2 of them having left for the heavenly abode.

The initial apprehension, about long lost friends who have risen to higher level in civil service and some doing brisk business, were soon broken down and chat resumed with much furor with maximum participation with talk revolving about the past memories that remained etched in some corners requiring a little dusting to bring it back to live afresh.

Each one of us had fought the individual battle well and all are in the midst of the mid life crisis - some aware of it and some not aware - but pulling on with their life along with their life partners and offsprings.

Above all it was fun to chat without inhibitions and absolute freedom without formalities in a child like manner to relieve the tensions once in a while. We are now no more lonely having no peers and friends to talk to. Moral support and friends to share things with as minor as about the breakfast that you consume elaborated with the picture and other small talks would definitely prevent us from going into depression or other psychological problems related to being lonely and not having an alter ego.

'Old devil is better than the new God' so the saying goes and nothing is better than the friends who chewed the bulgar of WFP from the same pot and drank the cow dung flavored water from the same tap. People change but like a bent bamboo bow pressed under the pressure spring back to its original shape when the pressure is removed.

It is great to learn that nothing has changed mentally, but improved we all are, other than couple of wrinkles here and there, couple of pounds of adipose tissues near the cheek regions and on the midriff and the receding hair lines, some becoming completely and cutely bald.

For those who are no more among us and left for heavenly abode I pray for them and for those who are still on the battle field I wish them good health, wealth and good luck to prosper and rise in whatever department they are working in and for those who did not join the virtual reunion - I tell you - you are missing something great.

Planning for physical get together is not afar but if we have not bump into each other for last 23 years even in place as small as Bhutan, the history is not that encouraging. But then only solace being - we learn from history that we do not learn from history.