Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The Faces of the Dead

Except for the Kings and some religious personalities like Lama and rimpoche some people are not comfortable seeing the photograph of the diseased. There used to be a time when all the photographs are burnt right after the death of the person. That is because it brings sadness more than fear remembering the diseased.

The memory so fresh evoked by the photograph makes one filled with remorse all over again making it hard to forget and let go the person who is no more. According to Buddhism, it is not good for the person who is dead too. It is believed that more we grief the more the diseased soul will suffer and stop him from proceeding away from the bardo.

The situation is different in the digital age, where photographs are shared rampantly in various social medias through Internet the destruction of photographs like before had become quite tricky. While it may be a show of remorse publicly by some far relatives and acquaintances with picture and some sweet digital epitaph, for the dear ones it brings a fresh gush of tears and sadness.

And when it is resorted to by the near ones I can't help but appreciate the change and embracing of the new trends of grieving. The sooner we get comfortable with seeing the faces of the dead better it would be for us to fit in - in today's society. The friends and acquaintances had spread far across the world due to connectivity. We have friends who we have never seen in person but clicked like an alter-ego sharing same thoughts and ideas. We have Facebook friends, wechat friends, whatsapp friends, etc and the circle is ever expanding.
Nothing is more appropriate for such friends than to post a picture and write some brief epitaph without grieving much.

If only we know when we would breathe the last, all our social media account would be deactivated and pictures would be deleted to cause lesser pains to those who really care and making it easier for them to let go.

And for some who fears and believe in ghost stories, if you happen to be alone in a big house or hotel, browsing social media is discouraged.