Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Crashing of good Impression

When people have high expectations due to the high impression that they have about you, a singular mistake is enough to bring it all crashing down. 

It was one sunny afternoon when teachers have lesser work to do as the exams are over and waiting for the winter vacation to begin. Wangmo and her colleagues sat on the lawn that was turning yellow, partly under the shade of a willow trees whose leaves had almost deserted the twigs to prevent loss of water during the drier days. That had provided the right amount of shade and sunlight for the group chatting under it. 

Their talk revolved around the performance of the students and how good or bad certain students had been. When it came to the son of Wangmo, it was all praises from the colleagues. He was said to be not only good in studies but also well disciplined and behaved amicably with the teachers and friends without having the air of being a son of a teacher. They said that to have a son like him is a blessing. They also predicted that he would go a long way higher in life. 

Wangmo was speechless and her eyes walled up for making her feel so proud by her otherwise a little bit cocky and talkative son. She was glad that he did not behave badly with others, at least. And her advice and constant nagging had not gone to waste. She was brought back to the talks from her thoughts when one of the madams suggested to go for a cup of coffee. 

On the way to the coffee shop the come across a group of boys, their students, all dressed in western clothes and seemingly going for a game of basketball. Wangmo could see her son too among the group, dressed to blend in with the group. She did not want her friends to see him, after all the praises and great feed backs she got and amazing impression he had for the teachers. She pretended not to see him making herself look engrossed into talking, as they crossed the path. 

"Ama!" Called her son. She pretended not to hear it. The same call was repeated and her friend nudged her. Before she was able to respond she heard what she feared the most. 

"Wangmo! Wai Wangmo, please give me some money". Her good and well behaved son calling his mother by name? 

With that he had nullified all the good impressions that he had and her colleagues looked at with shock as if to say that when they said good things about her son they were not lying. 

Her son was leaving for another school after graduating from that school. Perhaps that might have triggered the boldness or his group friends might have instigated him to behave so. Whatever may be,  she would come to know in the evening and the verbal lashing session remains pending.