Sunday, 27 December 2015

Student Work Visa.....

It is amazing to see that some countries can afford to export intangible things like that of education. In order to do that a country must maintain the highest standard of reputation accumulated during the course of the years, and the students need to be there in the universities to acquire the knowledge along with the certificates. We can’t but appreciate those countries that are able to do just that.

Many people both with jobs and without jobs strive hard to go abroad for studies preferably to Australia and US. Australia boasts of education being its main exports. Sure enough there are so many universities which are run amicably and flawlessly. The weightage carried by the certificate of the universities there is awesome. Are we going there for studies because of this reason? How many had come back laden with knowledge and made an impact in the society?

The only legitimate entrance to that country is through student visa or through tourist visa, the later one can be ruled out instantly due to the economic conditions of the people of our country only few can afford that, and besides our money shrinks due to vast difference in exchange rates. So the student visa with working permission of only twenty hours is opted to get inside Australia fulfilling the requirements of showing the bank balance of substantial amount of around twenty plus lakhs to prove that you can afford to study there. 

Like in every countries the indigenous resident citizens of the country, somehow, avoid doing the cleaning works. Even out here most of the cleaners and janitor are expatriates. So to survive in the alien country and to be able to afford the fees, exorbitant rent, equally exorbitant electricity bills, telecom bills, water bills among many others, the students gets sucked in for the jobs that is avoided by the residents themselves, many a times crossing the legal threshold of twenty hours and finding suitable means to avoid the authorities coming to know about it. 

If you do not work and earn money the bank balance back home, if it is actually true, would not last long. In such a situation you either fight for survival or flee. Fleeing is not the option due to so many reasons and the effort involved to get inside to possess the coveted certificate (?) from a renowned institute abroad. Thus, you opt to fight in the process studies get relegated to the secondary requirement and the earning dollars takes over as primary task, after all everything boils down to money. Why didn't the realization set in when you are told to show the 'show money' before the visa was granted, as if before the big gambling session? 

However, at the end of the day both the countries and students benefit. Student come back with a few remains of hard earned dollars, which gets multiplied around fifty to sixty times when exchanged, facilitating the students to have a comfortable life. The host country gets a hard working menial worker ready to do any job for survival there, a job which must have been rejected by the permanent resident themselves. 

Looking at the systematic pressure system to take out the effort from the laziest of the lazy people and making them active and hard working the university degree or diploma certificate remains like a token of remembrance. Sometimes making the students wonder how they were able to acquire it. 

With an intangible force and unyielding system, some countries can squeeze the dollars out of you, leaving a meager balance as take away and many people are still getting drawn towards it, like a bee to the honey.  The international monetary exchange rates play a trick here. The transition from a strong currency country to a weak currency country makes one feel real rich.