Monday, 30 November 2015

My Take on Leadership

Having been on this planet for couple of decades as a subordinate and as well as a leader of a small group of people my take on leadership would be totally based on experience. I have seen so many leaders in the military and interacted with the leaders of the civil organizations. One thing that strikes me was the personality traits that affected the leadership qualities and more so by the education, not necessarily the formal education qualifications with certificates but the experience that is gained through visiting places physically and by reading thereby educating the person.

In our society a leader is easily placed on the higher pedestal by virtue of our culture and traditions. The different insignia and scarfs worn by the leaders provides the gap that is required except in some organizations which I would dwell later.

Thereafter, whether to rise higher from the already high pedestal or fall down in the eyes of the subordinate is in the hands of the leader. The impartial treatment of the subordinates may treat the leader with more respects and partial and nepotism may be swallowed with the pinch of salt in couple of instances but later it may evoke flat rejection to follow instructions.

The clear cut orders and prompt decision making is another thing that subordinates yearns from the leaders. And after making the decisions the leader should take full responsibility of the decision and should not back out if it is wrong. The faltering and unclear instructions are the signs of a leader who is waiting to back out should something goes wrong and eager to take the full credit if it goes right. Such leaders would be loved to be avoided by the subordinates and may celebrate the transfer with greater joy than sadness.

Greedy personality trait in the leaders can be noticed easily by the centralization of the things in the organizations but then laissez-faire type of leaders can be noticed by the decentralization and freedom enjoyed by the subordinates, both are equally bad for an organization but laissez-faire type of leaders are liked by the subordinates without realizing that he is as good as not being there.

Nothing beats the personality traits with honesty and humility in a leader.  The lies can save the face at that point of time but later it becomes known and fits like a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle. This leads to breach of trust and taking the words of a leader lightly.

The oratory skills is another important thing that a leader must possess and if you have what it requires to be a leader it comes naturally with practice. But all good speakers are not necessarily a good leaders.

In the institutions like schools, corporations and private companies where there is no ready raised pedestal for the leaders, the leaders must prove their mettle by their knowledge, self discipline, integrity and fair treatments. It is only when you are punctual perpetually that you can tick out the unpunctual. It is only when you are well versed with the nitty gritty of things that you can point out the mistakes. It is only when you are appropriately dressed that you can check the inappropriately dressed.

"Leaders are made and not born." Or the other way round would take another piece of argumentative writing all together. However, I like to believe that leaders can be trained and not born. It makes an excellent leader when the leaders have known the sufferings down below and their problems. A leaders who rose following the rugs of the ladders are great in seeing the welfare of the subordinates but then more often then not they are equally easier to be taken for a ride.

In military leading from the front evokes awe in the subordinates and it makes them put in double the effort especially during the operations. The example of which is highlighted amply by the 4th Drugyelpo in 2003. It sends a chill down the spines not only to those of us who had the opportunity to serve during that time, but also for those who stayed back. Anything could have happened, as we look back, it was not a training war games.