Monday, 19 October 2015

Wild Flowers

Normally flowers are seen growing in the garden
Cared for, watered and look after
Blooming to the glory in return for the care
Loved and appreciated by the onlookers

Are they blooming for appreciation?
Or for the others sake?
The watering and care freely provided
Might have helped them though

As I saw some flowers blooming in wild
Appreciation, love and admiration from others
Mattered little to their blooming
Nor care neither constant watering mattered for flourishing 

Many flowers bloom in the wild
Not bothering for others admiration
Without being noticed many would wilt
But spewing the seed for the future generation

Without human interference of love and care
They may be able to thrive better
Without fright of being plucked
And toyed around or being offered

Surviving in hostile but natural conditions
Ensuring even more resilience and stronger genes
To shoot out in the coming spring
To bloom and wilt, unnoticed and unsung
Yet again and again and again.