Friday, 9 October 2015


The place where I stay
Is infested with snakes, they say
From snakes I try to stay away
For theirs and my own safety

About the snakes bite case I hear
Some succumbing to it and some survive
This world we are bound to share
With them be it creepy, crawly or deadly

Alien looks with slithery, slimy and lethal
Glad to have not crossing the path often
I can’t even gaze with looks so fatal
Their clout and agility cannot be forgotten
Green, red, yellow and checkered
In various colours they are found
Better to leave them alone and not bothered
For our own good to stay safe and sound

It is my sheer luck
That we have not crossed the path
Even when through the thick forest as I duck
Or in the rivers while taking bath

It is now time for them to disappear
To hibernate in cold climate
Only to reappear in the summer
Slithery, slimy and ready for a bite