Saturday, 10 October 2015

Paradox of Life

When you were small
You want to grow up fast
And when you are grown up
You wish you are small
When you were young 
You want to look mature
And when you are matured
You want to look young
When you were student
You want to get a job fast
And when you get the job
You wish you were student
When you were bachelor 
You want to get married fast
And when you are married 
You wish you were bachelor
When you could eat anything
You did not have the means
And when you have the means
You are told to eat less
When you had energy to walk
You felt like riding a car
And When you have the car
You are told to walk more
When you were junior
You dreaded the seniors
And When you are senior
You dread the juniors
Came all the way aiming for things
That one day you will look back
And wish to turn back the clock 
To be at the same place
Everything we aim are achievable 
With dedication and hard work 
But in the process the moments lost 
Cannot be brought back at any cost
Therefore we must live well each moment
Once it is passed it cannot be regained
The grass would remain greener 
At the other side of fence always