Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Orange Outfit – Licensed to volunteer

From all backgrounds of vocation 
They throng at Tencholing 
Voluntarily Enrolling 
To get drilled with exaltation

What inspirations?
What lessons or aspirations
They were noshed, I know not
But inspired, they are in orange outfit

The sense of voluntarism instilled
One can't deny having seen and felt
In Tshechu, gatherings or any event
Clad in Orange suits dot many a spot
With royal patronage and Visionary directives
Working magic in the minds of the trainees
A program befitting both young and old
Instilling pride in the motif of De-suup

Displaying common thoughts of "One for all and all for one"
Volunteerism and taking initiative embedded
With orange dress they are licensed
Superimposing and beefing up the security forces

They stand out, even without the orange dress
With their reformed attitude and dedication
Espirit-de-crops being the foundation
Licensed to volunteer with devotion

Loyalty, enthusiasm and allegiance
Appreciating people in the service
Whose motto remains for eternity
A civilian with variance