Thursday, 29 October 2015

Home Alone

These days would be marked and remembered because my angels were left on their own as both the parents had some work to do else where.

It was really good to know that they are old enough to know the exigencies of parents having to go and they having to stay put for their education and understanding and allowing us to leave them back home.

This shows that they are grown up though they would remain as small and cute to us no matter how big they may become. The earlier they stop clinging to the parents physically less painful it would be in the future for them and as well as for us. As the Bhutanese saying goes "The sun is warmer at the windward side yet that is not the permanent place to bask in the sun; it is comfy for the kids in parental home yet that is not the permanent place for the kids to be".

It is sad for every patents to let go their children but let go we have to sooner or later, some for further studies, some for boarding schools and later demands of their jobs takes them away much further physically and the demands increases with marriage.

The pains of being away from each other is felt twice by us all, once as a children ourselves and another as a parents. We know that the pains would subside as the time passes and we must take it in stride to survive in this world.

This is just a small part of cycle of suffering that all of us must go through being born in this world. There are numerous other sufferings that we are almost used to bearing and seeing others bear. The visit to the hospital shows us that what all ailments are capable of striking anyone of us any time and how vulnerable we are even after taking all the precautions.

The best form of solace,however, is to blame the karma for the Buddhist. Sometimes all the things that happen to us are not in our hand but it just happens, in such times if it is not karma then what?

With my kids staying back at home knowing the importance of going to school over accompanying their parents, fills me with much appreciation overpowering the feeling of remorse of having to leave them on their own for the first time.