Monday, 14 September 2015

Vegetables and Changing Times

It had been a long time, since, I went for vegetable shopping and in the absence sheds dedicated to the vegetables vendors like in other cities, my weekend’s remains intact not having to spend half the day purchasing vegetables. I am at the mercy of my better half and the cook for the curries that is served on the dining table, not being fussy about the food that is served, thinking about the people who consciously skip the meals in the name of dieting helps. Most of the time, the potato, which is available throughout the year, irrespective of seasons serve as filler, whenever green vegetables are not there and it tastes good. One can never be fed up of potatoes, whether you like it or not. If you are allergic to potatoes in Bhutan and India, you just had it.

There are no vegetables less than Nu.50 a kilo! For instance, the price of onion when I last remember was Nu. 10 per kilo and now it is Nu. 60. I have indeed come a long way from a kid asking for ‘shiki’ to seeing the present day kids asking for hundred bucks. “When we were young we used to ask for ‘shiki’ (quarter of a Ngultrum) and now you feel like asking for hundred bucks!" - I can proudly use this as a statement to the kids of today like we used to be told by the generation before us that they walked barefooted, worn torn cloths and stayed in caves.

Visiting the market had opened my eyes. The prices are all in the multiples of tens and changes below that are not bothered at all by the sellers as well as buyers. People have become really rich but foolish. How can you have millions without the ones? In Nganglam, I think it is in the multiples of fifties. A piece of cucumber Nu. 50. A bundle of sag Nu 50. Onion Nu. 100. And so on. It is a good idea to do prompt business as the time is not wasted in giving out the changes. But then people are going across the border to do slower business and the hammering is received by those who do not have cars to go there and for the emergency requirement buyers.

When the vegetable prices shoot over the meat price, the vegetarians would be rare. So far it is going good, just like meat price saying, “Catch me if you can” to the vegetable price and the gap is becoming smaller by days.

In the mean time, I have to seriously think of increasing the pocket money of my kids. I have come a long way from dealing with bare-footed-cave dwellers to concrete building dwellers, and my kids are dealing with a ‘shiki’ beggar and I better not make the impact on them like the cave dweller did it to me. The times have changed. Nothing makes the new generation more disgusted than hearing the dialogue – “Nga che gi kap lu ……” (In our times….)