Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Vainness of wars

It is 100 years after the First World War and we can see the futility of it now as we look back. The treaty of Versailles leading to not permanent peace but to the Second World War was evident from the history. The colonization by the more developed countries to drain out resources by controlling the colonized countries and giving the step motherly treatment to the colonized countries led to more skirmishes for the freedom - trying to gain independence to break away from being colonized. Did that bring peace, after breaking away?

The skirmishes still go on within those countries due to the fact that we human beings are all made unique, with the unique requirements. The differences in race, religion, ethnicity, etc are causing more dis-harmonies by trying to establish superiority over another, threatening to subdivide the human society into small groups based on religion or ethnicity, if it is not restrained.

The interview by BBC with a fighter bomber of American air force, who dropped bombs flying high above the Japanese air during the World War, explains it all. He is certainly old and with the wisdom of age he was seen saying that, at that point of time, not a single thought of him killing civilians consisting of women, children and above all innocent fellow human beings by his act of dropping bombs indiscriminately from the sky, crossed his mind.

The picture of monsters existing on the ground below was painted in the hearts of the young fighter pilots that made the bombing easier. He said that until he was coaxed by his wife to visit Japan once, after so many years of war, he had the feeling that Japanese are like monsters and never like that country and its people.

However, after visiting Japan with his wife the man changes his outlook and his views for the Japanese - they were like any other people. He regretted his actions during the wars. Not even for a fleeting second he thought that the fatal payloads that he dropped would have maimed such innocent and beautiful people. To add insult to the injury his son gets to work as a language teacher in Japan and marries a Japanese girl.

He is now shuttling between America and Japan surrounded by his half Japanese grand children. The flesh and blood of the people he did not mind wiping them off, from the face of the Earth during the World wars.

Such are the pranks played by the passing time. It is the time that shows the futility of wars and the killings. It is the time that makes the revolutionary leader a patriot. It is the time that controls the situations and changes the views about so many things that we take it as a gospel truth at that point of time.

It is said that history repeats itself, but with erudite leaders of the countries with profound knowledge of wars, it is expected that the World Wars would never be fought again. With so many countries at the brink of wars and some already fighting proxy wars like India and Pakistan, Israel and Palestine, North and South Korea, North and South Sudan, the imminent danger, however, lurks around.

The explosion of the bombs may be the nature’s crude way of controlling the world’s population explosion. The World War I and World War II had wasted the lives of so many soldiers as well as the lives of the innocent civilians. With so many countries in possession of nuclear weapons, if another World War breaks out the human race will not be left to tell the tale.