Monday, 7 September 2015

The Pride of Truck Owners

It is a proud moment to own a truck and nothing is more appropriate than to display the pride by writing the name of the owner on the body of the truck. “SANGAY TRANSPORT”, “NAKU CONSTRUCTION”, and so on… one can find written boldly on the body of almost all trucks. It must be so satisfying for the owner of the trucks to be addressed as ‘malik’, and unless he writes his name on the truck that privilege of the name may be denied to him.

By seeing the owners or the companies name written on every truck, one gets the feeling that it might be mandatory for them to write it. Even if it is not mandatory the “maliks” write it and it serves so many purposes besides displaying the ostentatious and flamboyant nature of the owner. It is easier to track down the trucks, when the truck go missing or misused, by the name written on it through unofficial channels, as the name is easier to remember than the number plate which we invariably forget to have a look.

We can hear people say that, “This ‘Sonam Transport’, is making so many trips these days…….”. There must be a fleet of ‘Sonam Transpot’ but people do not know unless they see all of them parked together or move in convoy. The trucks will not be parked together, until the business fails.

The urge to make a mark in the society and the desire to show the status symbols in the gatherings drives us to buy expensive things, thereby making it easier for the branded companies to sell their commodities at higher price. But nothing beats the jumbo trucks with your name printed on it running on the roads.

If ever I become rich enough to own a truck, I would have to rethink about writing my name on it, after seeing so many trucks parked on the Banks and other financial institutions’ parking. The bold name written on the body of the truck, which once broadcasted the pride of the owner to the envy of the bystanders, are now too glaring to be hidden or deleted as it stands still on the parking, announcing the name of being defaulters in loan repayment.

But then who starts a business with an aim of failing, there is always ups and downs in life as well as in business.