Thursday, 17 September 2015


The name rings the knell of death
Branded by the history not so aged
Wicked deeds of the elusive antagonist
From across the border like an enigma

In the broad daylight once
Barging came the enigmatic force
Harming many and murdering some 
Mystifying are their intentions still

The lives of the innocent students
Arbitrarily put to an abrupt end
On the deserted road in the jungle
Evoked sadness more than fright

Army vehicle ambushed on the way
Injuring the passengers and killing one
The motives and clue of scoundrel
Remains mysterious as themselves

Such were the past incidents 
Buried deep in the minds of the people
Deterring civil servants and others alike
From being posted here at Nganglam

Opening of highway, number 152
The desolate, tortuous roads in the jungle
Is left, never to be treaded along
But for the animals of the Manas century alone

The arteries of the economic development
Connecting towards Monggar, Pangbang and Pemagatshel
Got Nganglam connected to the heart, for supply
Opening up options for the route to follow

With cement plant working in full swing
Inflating the demography of both men and cars
Ghastly town being converted to buzzing one
With numerous activities in the pipeline

With the realization of the interdependence;
With the people to people contact
Among the bordering towns of India and Bhutan
Barbaric act of past, hopefully, won’t be repeated

In the process of rebuilding its image
As peaceful, like any other towns of the country
The unpleasant episode are better forgiven
Though hard it may be, for some to forget

Until then Nganglam is gearing up
To become the commercial hub of Eastern Bhutan
Practicable due to proximity and connectivity
Traversing from disrepute to prosperity

The river Kirung flowing towards the North
Unlike other rivers in the Kingdom
Is it natural inference of something amiss?
Only time would tell the significance
Only time would tell the significance