Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Mid Life Crisis

One look into the mirror and I see lots of fine lines accentuated like never before all across the face. The skin below the eyes had become baggy. The hair sprinkled with shades of gray. The frown and smile lines cutting deeper into the puffed cheek and forehead. The glow of the youth in the skin is missing because of the passing years taking its toll.

No amount of exercise would reduce the bloating midriff. It protrudes like a semi sphere buried under the skin of the tummy and I know, it is going to inflate more with the passing time. It is fortunate that the diseases related to the ageing body, had not attacked yet. However, it is saddening to descend after crossing the pinnacle of life. The time to say good bye is fast approaching. Or is it?

‘Old age is the privilege not enjoyed by many’ – It makes me remember some of my friends who passed away. They were denied the privilege of getting old. It seems like just yesterday that I was bubbling with energy, even ready to go after the eagle flying so high, up in the sky. Now, even tying the shoe lace makes me gasp for breadth.

Games like football, basket ball and volley ball are best enjoyed watching from outside the field, with everlasting itch on the limbs, when it is not played up to the mark. Getting myself in the playground may threaten the brittle bones and sagging muscles. If injured it would take ages to heal conversely there were times when the fractured bone required just twenty one days of plaster of Paris cast.  

The mind remains ever young. It is the body that is not able to cope up with the thoughts. The sluggishness and the worse still, the stiffness in the joints restrict the movements. Perhaps the grease and the oil in the joints are getting dried up and sadly you cannot fill it up like you do in the old cars.

Bumping into old classmates evokes the mutual thought for each other – “Oh! You have become old”. Embracing the inevitable and getting old gracefully is the key – the key to happiness and the key to getting ready for the end. The end could be any time, no one can predict the end. 

Until then, ‘No photographs, please’……