Monday, 28 September 2015

Like a Photographer

[It is you who brings the wilds into the living room. It is you who brings the ocean into the living room. It is you who brings entertainment into the living room. It is you who brings news, storms and live sports into the living room. We just see what you see in that rectangular box and it seems that you and I share the same taste in what we want to see, especially during the live telecasts….]

Watching documentary or video diary of some important people visiting villages, crossing rivers and crossing mountain pass on foot as well as on vehicle, immaculately captured on the film/disk/memory card, presented to us as we see it in the comfort of a living room; we seldom think of a person behind the camera and the editor who might have spent enormous amount of time straining his eyes to make the documentary presentable.

The amount of running around involved can be seen from the diverse angle the video was shot in any documentaries. To get the frontal view of a moving column of entourage he has start early to take position at the right spot. After taking the shot he must have been left far behind to take the rear shots after which he had to pack up the equipment and struggle to catch up with the entourage for numerous other shots. He can’t afford to take rest like the others during the breaks in the journey.

Despite all their effort in the making of documentary or a movie their faces are seldom shown and the only credit that they might get for their effort would be a display of their name for a few seconds - “Cameraman _______” - that too at the end of the movie, which no one bothers to take note of. What gives them so much energy to run around? And what makes them so humble? You do not find cameraman walking around and claiming that it was he who shot the film.

Photography is an art and most of the photographers that I came across are so passionate about their work. Actually they do not consider it as work only; they are just driven by their passion. When you like your work and on top of that if it is your passion nothing matters, I guess. They strive hard to get the best shot for the viewers, making their subject the protagonist with their skills without looking forward for credits or fame. Few seconds of their names displayed at the end of the video or sometimes in the beginning is good enough for them.

No one but the photographers think about a person behind the camera and it is only them who knows how difficult it is to get a picture perfect shot of a simple thing as, setting sun.

People may jump from the chopper, people may catch the snake an eat it, people may wrestle with the bear but without a person so humble and dauntless behind the camera, all those may not be seen and remain in oblivion, just as us sometimes, preventing a soap from falling on the floor when it slips from the hand and catching it in mid air like an expert juggler in the bathroom.

If everyone of us are as passionate as the man behind the camera with our work, always trying to please the viewers, not bothering about the name, fame and credits, and perform our work for as less credit as a few seconds of mention, that would be the time, that we all strive and expect it to be to make Utopia out of the country.