Friday, 4 September 2015

I want it because others want it too..

Imagine a world where everyone is dead and only you are left. What you would go and look for? What would be the use of land, cars, buildings, etc? In such scenario bumping into another human being would be more amazing; irrespective of caste, creed, colour, ethnicity and race. Or even a dog would be better to have as a friend than all those material things which lay empty for you to take - all for yourself; the gold, the money, the jewelries every things that you considered precious when all the people were there.

There is no fun in roaming around in the market too; the shelves are filled, streets empty and you can drive any cars you want lying around and wear any cloths that you have desired. There are no birds chirping, no dogs barking and no insects making noise. The only sound is the sound of your footstep reverberating along the empty streets and buildings.

It is the competition in wants amongst the people, like neighbours, friends, families and foes alike, that makes material things so precious. Even a small thing as a news paper becomes interesting and feels like reading when there are friends waiting for you to finish reading. The interest of the computer games is directly proportional to the number of friends waiting to play. When you have the computer all for yourself you do not want to play games in it.

The values of the things are all due to the desire of the other people striving to own it. If no one wants it becomes garbage. The rarest things are more precious. And what is rare? Something becomes rare when it cannot be possessed by all or distributed to all. When you are all alone in the world everything becomes abundant for one person. The law of economics cannot be applied as there is no one left to demand to create the disparity between demand and supply.

That may be the time when you realize the importance of that envious friend, that envious neighbour and the others who helped add value to the things that you possessed and who discretely dictated your attires, be it with appreciation, or with insult.

Most of the things that matters to us most come free. We do not know how to value it unless it is gone, just alike fish do not know the value of water unless it is out of it. It is the people with their combined desires and insatiable wants that created the illusion of preciousness and added a tag of value to the material things.

The earlier we realize that the  importance of any stuff is due to the insatiable wants of the people around you and not the stuff itself, the better it would be to treasure the sentient beings rather than the material things. Everything lies strewn like pebbles on the ground when no one wants it…………..