Saturday, 26 September 2015

Chili - Maker of Rice Palatable

Known as chili to some
And pepper to some
Hot to consume
Yet favorite of Bhutanese

It is consumed fresh or dried
It comes in varied colours
Green, red, yellow and orange
All but ready to burn all three

It burns the tongue
And even makes you sweat
Making it easier to consume rice
Along with lots of water

The burning of tongue
The burning of stomach
And burning while exiting
After digestion matters a little

Without chili no dish is complete
Every Bhutanese can make out
The absence of it with one morsel
And brand the food tasteless

Mashed and powdered mixed with water
Served as azay – a fast curry
Boiled and mixed with cheese
Served as emadatsi – a killer curry

Foreigners are just astonished
When emadatsi is consumed with ease
The national dish of Bhutan
In its own rights without being announced

Chili would remain the main ingredient
And integral part of every Bhutanese
Without being forced upon
The consumption of chili would be upheld
The true mark of national identity…