Saturday, 19 September 2015

Casino …

By the success story of the stall owners during ‘mela’ – where gambling like that of casino: roulette, wheel of fortune, crude form of poker and black jack, craps, baccarat, dart and so on are played, betting as low as ten and as high as ten thousand; it is felt that we Bhutanese like gambling and earning easy money, just like that.

I have also heard of people winning from there and some losing. But one guy is always the winner, and that is the owner of the gambling stall who is always at the plus side in the end, unless, he is too dull to organize the game. However, the good thing is that the ‘mela’ lasts for just couple of days and not permanent like that of casinos in some countries.

The attraction of the casino is fetal in the sense that it is addictive because if you win, you want to go and win some more; and if you lose, you want to go again and recover what you have lost. Thus, the cycle continues. The simple apparent fact, we forget to notice is that if the customers are winning would they be in business? How can they afford big flashy buildings with numerous employees?

The story of one nameless Bhutanese who won $100,000 from the casino and left Australia was there long time back. I am yet to meet that guy or hear about him again. Such story of winning easy bucks made rounds through word of mouth that encouraged others to try their luck too. Loosing in bits and pieces visiting the casino is kept secret and vice versa for the winning stories.

If you win the jackpot, it would make a great difference but the jackpot remains as elusive as ever. For some, only winning the amount equivalent to jackpot would make them quit. Until such time visiting the casino in the hope of winning and recovering what you have already lost, would keep attracting you.

It is fortunate that we do not have casinos here. There are stories of clandestine gambling den, here and there, doing colossal damage to some families. The chance to becoming affluent suddenly is completely stopped, after the government making even business of the lottery, illegal.

Perhaps, casino being not available in Bhutan, Bhutanese are attracted; but then Bhutan does not have beaches either... and many such things……..