Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Who had discovered you?
Who had first tried you?
Whoever he may be
Initially he must have thought 
That he was passing out

The feeling of high
With the guts it had provided
Once again he must have tried
Repeatedly experiencing the kick
Getting addicted to the new high

He must have expounded 
And encouraged others to try
Thus its lovers increased
Turning cats into tigers
Relieving the stress and worries 

So many lives get wasted
By the ill effects of consumption
With full knowledge it is tasted
For all occasions it fits
Be it sorrows or festivities 

Oh alcohol! The alcohol
You are stuff so cool 
Sorrows you can drown 
Multiplying the happiness
Diminishing the stress 

The side effects are the price
That most of the time paid with life
Yet dauntless are the alcoholics
Because of courage it evokes
To poison the consumer themselves

Oh alcohol! you come in so many forms
You come in so many bottles
You come in so many colours
You are found in all parts of the world
With your omnipresence I am but appalled