Friday, 21 August 2015

Sleeping under Millions of Stars and Thoughts

I was peeking out from the torn polythene sheet, which was being used as a tent stretched but not so taut and neither too lose, tied with strings at two ends and with vines at the other two. Luckily the sky was clear otherwise the hole just above my head would be enough to give me a shower. I can see so many stars shining bright filling the space above like a diamond, as I laid on my back and sleep not coming into my eyes despite being tired of walking in the jungles.

Our sun is a star – nearest and smallest. If it could have nine planets and out of which one planet has a life, how many planets might be there revolving around all those countless stars? And how many planets might be having life that is similar to us? Looking at the vastness of the galaxy, we are so minute but we do not feel that way, we feel that the whole universe revolve around us.

I was disturbed from that thought by an ant moving on the sheet that I was covering my body. With a flick of my finger it goes flying into the space. It must have thought what had hit him, that had catapulted him so high. Like me, the ant must be on patrolling guarding its own territory but he is no match against me. What if I meet with the larger beings that would catapult me into the space too?

The only largest being that I know of is elephant and we have taken appropriate measures to deter it from coming to our harbor. Thank god! These guys do not carry weapons and sign treaties and draw boundaries; otherwise we human would have formidable opponents to deal with. They may be pushed to the limits of their habitat but they do not mind and at the most become extinct like some of the gigantic predecessors.

I clear my throat loudly not because of some blockage there, but because to make some noise to signal the sentries that I am still awake and to change the funny chain of thought. I fumble for my cell phone which serves as a torch and a watch in the absence of network, to see the time. It is only nine past eleven pm, around this time, had I been at the comfort of my home I would be watching TV but it is pitch dark here.

I blocked the thoughts as well as view through the torn roof with the umbrella, besides I do not want to get up and do it, if it rains, in the middle of the night. The weather is very unpredictable in this part of the world. That’s why even the radio and TV avoid the weather forecast by playing safe, saying – “Tomorrow the weather would be partly cloudy, or partly sunny…” and if you see the visual you can see some clouds, sun and rain all fitting in one square picture – when the information is not specific it is a useless information, therefore no one takes it seriously. For me weather report is the indication, to switch the channel marking the end of the news.

Next moment I opened my eyes and it was bright outside. One look at my cell phone and it was already 5 am. What had happened to the time between 9:11 am and 5 am? When you are tired, that is how you doze off. No dreams. It was time to defecate, freshen up, refuel and push off to the next destination, for next chain of thoughts.