Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Mistake of Two Adults and Three Kids Suffer.

(I saw a father and three children waiting for a bus; they were going to the court as the mother had filed a case in the court for divorce. The girl who must be not more than thirteen years old was squatting having a bewildered looks between sad and remorse yet being helpless… I will narrate the story from her angle)

I knew that the constant quarreling between my father and mother would lead to this, one day. I am too young to know who is right or who is wrong but it is immaterial as far as they remain together. I avoid being near when they quarrel for the fear of collateral damages. Thinking of collateral damages all the things in my house are either cracked or broken including the TV set.

My mother left a week ago saying that father is not allowing her to stay here, with teary eyes she left us, only to summon us by the court order to wherever she was.

I will be missing my classes but my father says that he talked with the principal and the leave was granted. Me and my two other sibling would have a great decision to make, whether to stay with father or mother. I try to not to worry about that as of now. My worry is about my missing the classes and how to get myself un-entangled myself and my sibling from this mess of the adults.

My mother is beautiful and my father is possessive – that happened to be a deadly combination, leading to the end of the relation now. I think it would be better for them to stay apart then to stay together and always fight. Seeing them I am having second thought about marrying myself in the future; for that I have to be independent and to be independent I have to study hard but that means of my becoming independent is being snatched as I too have to accompany my family leaving the school.

I know that I may have to undergo the snigger and pity of the friends and teachers. But I have decided to study hard and be independent. However, I doubt about my success without having the moral support from the family and the fact that I am from the broken family may put me in stressful conditions. I may have to take the responsibilities of a mother and look after my younger siblings.

Sometimes I feel that why it took so long for my parents to decide that they were not compatible with each other, until the birth of the third child. Adults can be funny sometimes, but the only solace for me is that my parents were not the first one getting divorced. Now, I can empathize with all the children from the broken families.

Marriage gone wrong is the only situation where children like us suffer with no faults of our own. How I wish no such things happen to other families. I think that the misunderstanding started with the improvements in connectivity and social media. And my mom could not live without the connectivity gadget.   

I am already experiencing the pitiful looks from the passerby as we were waiting for the bus. I could almost see tears in the eyes of the officer who was talking with my father as he glanced towards me. I can feel that he perfectly understands the predicament that I am in, by the looks in his eyes.