Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Karma is Unfair too

I honestly feel that karma is also unfair due to the fact that the people who are born rich would continue to be born rich because of their capacity to give and please the God and the guardians of the Gods. By giving the rich people could accumulate more merits in their spiritual banking and vice versa for the poor.

The poor having to live from hand to mouth and those who were not even lucky enough to live hand to mouth are forced by the circumstances to beg, borrow and steal leading to accumulation of bad karma and sealing their fate to be born again as a poor person. Conducting religious offerings and elaborate religious ceremonies are beyond the capacity of some people.

It is the thoughts, that are more important than the deeds, some people may say, but when you are struggling with even three square meals per day, the thoughts would be engrossed in the means and ways for the survival at present, rather than paving way for the future – future that will be coming after the death.

Not committing sins by telling lies, stealing, killing intentionally, not being corrupt, etc might be easier to follow to accumulate more savings in the spiritual banks; just following the eight noble paths would be easier to accumulate good karma but like in all the competitions, when everyone is equal the richer people overtake by their enormous offerings and sophisticated pujas.

When the fairness and the level playing field is, seemingly felt, not there to invest in having a good karma, people resign to their fate – and again, fate being dictated by the karma. Complicated isn’t it?

When we come across:, God of love, God of knowledge, God of music, God of wealth, etc, ready to be appeased to accumulate whatever one is looking for at present and after death, I just feel like asking “Et tu Brute?” (You too Btutus) – The famous dialogue from the Shakespeare’s drama, uttered by Julius Caesar when he was stabbed by Brutus whom he considered a bankable friend.

If the God is corrupt, people are ready to bribe Him too………