Saturday, 22 August 2015

Intoxicated with Money

It was their first time coming in contact with and carrying that much money on person. They bought a leather hand bag similar to the one that we get with certain laptop, in anticipation of getting Ngultrum four hundred thousand as they are going on premature pension.
Jigme and Nima are from a remote kheng and after serving in army for couple of years they were relieved from the service with all the retirement benefits.
After putting the cash in the bag as deliberately as possible with apparent ostentation without bothering to count, they leave the counter with heads held high, chest out and chin up, if they were seen by the drill sergeant at this moment he would be very proud.
For the first time they decided to dine and stay in one of the expensive hotels. When menu was brought by a waitress they just waived the menu aside, trying to ooze as much style as possible with one leg over the other and the foot almost touching the table top,  told her to get a roasted chicken with couple of chilled beer bottles. Jigme opened the bag showing off the cash for the waitress to see, pretending to search  for something that he forgot to take out, when she started to stare at them with genuine doubt of them being able to pay.
As they were ordering dinner two beautiful lady joined them addressing them as Malik and started charming them with their sophisticated behaviours. The dinner for four were ordered and this time the girls were of help as they knew how to read the menu. Whether it is expensive or not, did not matter much as they were loaded with hard cash.
So this is how the people with money enjoy? Thought Nima. The girls just come without much effort if one had money. The only thing that was missing that night in the midst of wine, beer and dinner so elaborate that they did not know form which course to begin eating, was perfectly completed by the appearance of these two angels out of nowhere.
By the time dinner was finished both the men were tipsy. The girls thank them profusely and was about to leave when Nima mustered the courage fueled by the booze and asked the girls to spend the night with them in the room in the same hotel.
The girls agreed provided they do not tell a soul and the secrecy was maintained to such level that even the people in the hotels should not know about it. This proposal suited them too as they also want this affair to be clandestine as they were both married. The girls also suggested them to clear the hotel bills in advance which they did with pride and tipping the waitress going after her.
When they got up the next morning, their leather hand bag along with the girls were missing. It was fortunate that they cleared the bills in advance. Oh, it was suggested by the girls and they knew why a bit late.
They checked out from the hotel with head hung low with shame and regret, at this moment, if their drill sergeant sees them, they would be enrolled back again and punished, the punishment both of them would undergo eagerly for being so  foolish.
They have lots of explaining to do to their respective families back home. The easiest one being - "I was thrown out of service without benefit." Their families would hate the organization - army. It is one reason why some people hate army.
Somewhere in one of the rooms in the attic in Thimphu, three girls were busy counting money and dividing equally among themselves....