Monday, 31 August 2015

Four Wheeler

It is a proud moment for us to be able to own a car of our own. After weighing all the pros and cons – like carrying capacity, mileage, ground clearance which is most important because of the conditions of our roads, and the budget that I have I opted for Maruti Van over Maruti Car; it has a huge space at the back and we Bhutanese invariable move with lots of loads.

It was not even a couple of months old when it got hit by the rear wheel of a truck while going to Phuntsholing near the infamous Sorchen.

The mud guard of the truck can be seen approaching me headlong, in a slow motion as I waited for the truck to pass giving side. Bam!!! And the rear mud guard of the rear wheel hit me and there was no bonnet to save me other than a thin metal sheet and the wind shield which turned into millions of pieces right after the impact.

The steering wheel of the van was in between my crotch missing my weak spot by few inches. The door was jam shut and I had to get out from the passenger side to inspect my legs. Nothing had happened to my limbs but my van was rendered immobile as the crumpling metals had touched the front wheel almost puncturing it.

The helper of the truck driver took out the crowbar and straightened the mud guard and the truck was ready to go. After sending a word through other vehicles to inform the police we waited for them to arrive. Two vehicles at a time could pass through the truck’s side so the traffic was not blocked.

The expenditure of the repair was borne by the company of the truck. But it inconvenienced me for I had to walk around on foot to oversee the repair works and request the mechanics almost to the point of bribing to do their job faster.

From bicycle to scooter to four wheeler, I have experienced the accidents and lucky to have come out unscathed to tell the tale. With the progressive experience and going by the pattern what is left is perhaps an air and ship, both of which I seldom use. But then with the introduction of the helicopter service, who knows?  This pattern would definitely make me nervous.