Monday, 31 August 2015

Facebook Generation

The legitimate age to register for Facebook is 18 years of age. There are lots of reasons for that as we, adults, are aware of but kids can be so naive and at the same time so demanding.

I caved in after my children knew how to use Facebook more than us and after they started chatting, updating status and commenting from our accounts.

They now have their own account and I am sorry to have lied during the signing up process. I tried to be truthful about their age but signing up was denied instantly and permanently and we had to create a new email ID all over again with a fake year of birth. The only solace is that I am not alone in doing such things because many other peers of my children have the Facebook account. That was also one of the main reasons for us to cave in, and allowing them to have an account of their own just like their friends of same age group.

Their account would be monitored as far as possible. It is taking lots of their free time and becoming more of an indoor child, but we might have to understand the situation due to the fact that the digital age had come and there is no other option than to embrace it.

If used properly, Facebook is a great platform to keep in touch, pour your heart out sometimes and share photographs. It may be like a digital dairy for them to reflect later in life. It would also make them feel good to knowing how they were allowed to sign up in Facebook prematurely and perhaps correct their date of birth when they become eligible.

The peer pressure spillover of a child could sometimes make the parents cave in. The privacy settings and security were explained and taken care of. It is earnestly hoped that my kids as well as other underage children would use it judiciously and avoid themselves from being taken for a ride. …..