Saturday, 15 August 2015

Buying Amoxicillin Tablets

The only thing that is not covered in the medical insurance is the dental problems in Australia. When I had the pain in the base of the molars I tried to inquire why it is not covered under the medical insurance and the vague answers that I got was – the dental problem is considered as cosmetic thingy.

What I can make out from the experience is that the dental problem is not fatal even when the pain is so excruciating comparable to that of a labour pain. A friend who had the same problem told me that he paid $ 100 just to uproot the tooth that was nagging him during studies and above all not allowing him to go to work. I thought that he was exaggerating.

Tolerating the pain and making my system fight the natural battle with the pain causing bacteria proved to be too agonizing for me, so I went in search of the dental hospital.

After paying $ 50 and filling the forms to meet the doctor, I waited for my turn. There were not many people suffering like me. The attention that was provided to me was awesome. I thought that I can keep lying on the dental chair had there been no lights and the drills and all those cables hanging around. It is one comfortable chair and I thought of installing one such chair in the living room right in front of the TV.

Three X – rays were taken from different angle. I thought that the dentists here are so generous to take so many X rays. The gum was swollen badly and the dentist told me that he won’t be able uproot the tooth when there was infection. So he prescribed antibiotics – amoxicillin.

I thank him profusely for the immense attention that was provided to me and left the room. To my amazement the bill was already printed at the counter, each X ray costing me $ 30 and amoxicillin tablets I have to buy from the pharmacist counter. The amoxicillin tablets that we get in abundance here and sometimes thrown without even taking it, is not sold without the prescription as I have tried to buy it myself, for I knew through experience that I have to take that medicine.

Full course of amoxicillin tablets was $ 10, which was given to me after showing the prescription. The amoxicillin, that I knew, I have to take to beef up the soldiers of my body to fight against the bacteria, took a longer route through the expensive dental hospital with X rays taken like taking pictures with any digital cameras (with my money) just to prescribe me with the medicine that I knew I should take, well before.  

The pain subsided with the swelling, and swelling subsided after taking amoxicillin but I did not go for the follow up even after receiving so many letters and emails which, I think, they send it automatically to all the patients due to the obvious reason. And this reason may be the one for not covering the dental problems under the medical insurance – I don’t know.