Friday, 28 August 2015

Bicycle Accident

(Ever since I have started riding on the wheels, I have experienced accidents starting from the bicycles to the four wheeler in a progressive manner and luckily with the injury in a regressive manner. I will try to narrate the incidents one by one…)

Bicycle Accident

It was in IMA that each gentleman cadets were issued with one hero bicycle each. The bicycle rides the cadets frequently, particularly in their junior terms. The final termer therefore, tend to have the traffic free for themselves and can scoot out of the formation of at least four bikes, whenever the drill instructors were missing from their posts.

The animated Hollywood movie “Ants” was to be screened that evening. The movie begins at the dot time to the military precision and anyone coming late may have to wait till the interval to enter the hall or dare the punishments and open the massive door to enter.

We were left late from the outdoor class and there were only twenty minutes to deposit the weapon, take bath, change and reach the movie hall. I did not want to miss the movie so I was speeding as fast as the gear-less bike could carry me. To my amazement and to the amazement of my friends I could overtake most of the formations and there were no drill instructors also. Perhaps because I was carrying a lighter weapon – carbine – slung over my felt shoulder.

When I was about to reach the kote, at the few meter stretch of downhill I did not slow down but instead happy to let the bike move with the help of the gravity, hands straight on the steering handle and bending little bit like that of a racing guys to minimize the friction and the drag to go fast. That was the mistake I had committed. The carbine slid over my shoulder and the butt of the carbine got inside the spokes of the front wheel sending me catapulting into the air.

There was no pain. The lessons in gymnastics might have helped me land on the foot like a cat. The noise made by the accident drew attention of the friends who had reached earlier. I got up feeling bit embarrassed to pick up the carbine to deposit at the earliest else I would miss the movie. As I stretched my hand, I saw the blood oozing from my hand and I could feel slight pain on the knees. That was the time I saw my finger missing.

One of my friends picked up the finger which was covered in dust and brought it to me. I put it on top of the bloody stump and tried to squeeze the base to stop bleeding. Forget the movie after that I went straight to the hospital without changing or taking bath like a guy right out of the battle field.

The movie ‘Ants’ was watched later after commissioning, in the comfort of my home and there was nothing exciting about it. Be it movies, things, hobbies, etc it is the time that makes it interesting and exciting. And for me it took away half a finger of mine to realize that…(lol)