Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Becoming The Heroes

To be a hero, a situation that would make us a hero or act like one needs to be presented to us. If we open our mind and look carefully everywhere and every time there is a situation where if we act would make us a hero. Sadly, we do not do that giving an upper hand for a single man armed with a pistol to take control of bus and aeroplane full of people.

A grave bloody situation was averted by quick thinking and courageous men – two American and a British man, when they overpowered a heavily armed man in the train in France, who otherwise might have fired indiscriminately, killing or maiming hundreds of people. I can’t help but salute them as I see them in BBC.

The heroes, who were ordinary people just like us, were aptly given medals and appreciation showered on them by the government of France and the president himself. In the train full of people, why just three came forward? It is the question that we may have to ponder, though.

It might be the fear of death and injury coupled with the never ending legal proceedings that may ensue after the incidents that deters the people to take initiative. It is also the fear of no one coming to help after you meddle yourself in the business of protecting others by your own initiative. It was good that two men came forward to give a helping hand to that American, otherwise it was one against one and the odds were against the American because the other one was armed.

The recognition given by the French government and the appreciation of the people from across the world for such actions may encourage others to act and bring out the hero that we all have, up on the surface. In that way a few men with some arms and ammunition, claiming themselves to be terrorists, would have tough time taking control of huge number of people - more than the ammunition that they might be possessing at that point of time.

But then the sad fact is elucidated by the experiment that was carried out in our immediate neighbour’s backyard – India, in the link provided below. If such experiment is performed in our country also, with the changing attitudes of the people, I would not be surprised if we get the similar result….   

Where is the humanity gone????????