Friday, 17 July 2015

Sacrifice of a Father

A couple if years back I read in paper and heard in news about a father and a daughter drowning in the sewers  treatment  tank in Phuntsholing.

I have also been to that place to see the feeding frenzy of a cat fish than to give 'gewa'. From the behavior of the cat fish one could see that I was not the first one coming to feed them. The fishes open their mouth and wait for the food to fall in it by sheer chance, as the manoeuvering towards the food seems impossible due to overcrowding.

Like most of us the father daughter duo must have come to feed the fishes too, when the mishap took place. It was a saddening news for the loss of young life and the supreme sacrifice by the father to save his daughter.

I don't know who they were but I can empathize with the feelings that must have gone through with the relatives of the diseased in general and the feelings of the father at that moment in particular. Therefore I dedicate this u/m verse for him .....

You waived your hands frantically
Signalling that you were drowning
For you can't swim and nor could I
But I dived in to save you anyway

Fully aware of the drowning together
It would be better than being alive
Without you beside me
In death I won't have the guilt

Alas! As visualized we drown hand in hand
Filling our lungs with filthy water
Our soul leaves the limp drowning body
My soul hover above without guilt

My daughter, my effort of saving you failed
Making us leave the Earth untimely
If only had we not gone too near
If only I held your hands when you fed

If only we struck to indoor entertainments
If only I opposed some of your wishes
But in doing so I have proved for you
That my love for you has no limits
My love for you has no limits.