Saturday, 4 July 2015

Getting Used To

The best thing with us is of getting used to anything that come across our life; be it heat, cold, sufferings, happiness, etc. I think the crux of the human survival is the capability of getting used to the surroundings and adjusting according to it. It does not take any tangible effort to get used to things whether good or bad.

I once read a joke about how getting used to helps.. and the story goes like this…. Once a wife of a person who is having drinking problem visited a doctor and asked for help about being with the drunken husband. The doctor told her to keep staying with her husband for a year and return if the problem persists.

To which she asked, “Would he not drink after one year?”

The doctor replied, “No, not like that. He would continue drinking but after one year you would get used to it.”

Likewise we get used to so many things.  We get used to irritating boss, we get used to nagging spouse, we get used to parasitic friends, we get used to trespassing neighbours and we get used to any climatic conditions.

Getting used to the worse things makes us complacent and happy with whatever little things that we have. But then it does not take time to get used to the better things and facilities given a chance.

Those who have undergone the worse things in their life are the ones happy with the nitty gritty things that may come along their way. And those who have been enjoying the bounty of the life are the ones getting disgusted with small things not going according to what they might be having in their mind. Happiness is therefore as rightly said, ‘is the state of mind’ and what you have been through.

I have heard that those people, who have been through desung training, do not mind staying a bit late after office or being in office a bit early to complete the work that is because during the training waking up at the wee hours of the morning and never sleeping before late at night and not passing away leaving the world, had taught them what human body is capable of. Experience the burns and you won’t mind the heat.

If such short duration training could bring in such changes in the perspectives. Those who are donning the uniform have discipline engraved in their bone marrows. Rain or shine, night or day, working days or week days does not matter for the some of the people who had experienced the worst in their life.

After being in the particular organization for some time whether it is full of goody goody things or with all its flaws one get used to it. That is the reason that makes hard to bring in changes as all the residents are so used to the things that is prevalent.

But in order to move forward, changes are bound to take place and the established traditions and customs in the organization which had become obsolete with changing times needs to be discarded even if it is beneficial to a person but not to the organization as a whole.   

The ‘getting used to’ is the integral capability of our life that makes us adjustable and flexible according to the situations which may prevail for longer durations, and changing it is beyond our personal capacity. The sense of helplessness compensated by the capability of getting used to keeps us going and trudging forward day after day.