Sunday, 26 July 2015

Flying in Aeroplane for the First Time

Having chosen a job by my own free will - infantry the foot soldier, it is moving and maneuvering on foot always or at the most riding on a rugged lump of metals on wheels. While serving as a security officer at Paro international airport, it had evoked a raw feelings of envy almost to the point of jealousy, seeing my classmates, who had chosen the right job, fly in and  out innumerable times funded by the government.

I got a chance to travel by air (funded by self) when my better half got opportunity to study abroad. The first and perhaps the last experience warrants a narration here.

The happenings in the  lounges and the concourse are so mundane a thing as I have seen it enough; busy looking people moving helter shelter just before the boarding and landing, I-have-travelled-so many-times look of some passengers, cringing looks of the first timers who has fear of height, some ostentatious, some sad and some lost case you see it all at the departure and arrival halls.

I board the plane, Druk Air for me but for the crew it is KB 23 Something, from PBB to BKK. On the doorway stood a flight attendant with smile fixed on her face and welcoming the passenger on  board. The smell of her heavy perfume and make up was overpowered by the smell of the interior of the plane, it was something between good and foul like the smell similar to that of new cloths. Given the choice I would have preferred the smell of the perfume of the air hostess.

The buzzing noise and the smell disappears as I get used to it. After all the passengers are seated the instruction on what one should do in times of emergency or malfunctions of the plane was demonstrated live by one of the air hostess standing in the aisle in front which aggravated the fear of flight, further. The oxygen mask and life jackets in order to be used, first I think of the parachute which is conspicuous by its absence for my military mind.

Plane takes off without giving me any G force and reaches the  cruising altitude where the pilot announces about the restraint - the seat belt - can be removed. Looking out of the window I fear about the wings of the plane breaking as I could see it oscillating in vertical plane almost like that of the loose mudguard of a shaktiman moving on rough roads. The fear was interrupted by the air hostess serving snacks. 

Landing was smooth the descending at Thailand air port gave a little feel of  weightlessness perhaps giving experience if 0.5 to 1 negative G. The air at Thailand slaps the face with a tingling heat. Moving directly from the AC to normal temperature of Thailand literally cooks one alive.

Druk Air looks like a toy on the apron tarmac far away in the presence of jumbo jets that occupies the prime spots and we require a short bus ride in a bus without seats to get to the terminals. 

The pride of Bhutan is dwarfed by the presence of bigger prides of other nations and some owned and run by the private companies.

The connecting flight in Singapore airlines for the journey further was a different and exhilarating experience all together with TV screen for each passengers provided with 'use and throw'  earphones, socks, toothbrush and other give-away for the kids. The professionalism displayed by the air attendants there are some of the thing that we can emulate and catch-up with, leaving aside the size of the aeroplane. 

One question that still lingers on my mind is that - Why is the mobile phones allowed to be carried in plane if it is so dangerous and likely to jeopardize the safety of all, on board?