Wednesday, 24 June 2015


The ceiling fan rotates not at its own pace but on the pace that is set by me, surprisingly the regulator is working, perhaps it was left untouched by the others, as it is put up at the outside of the room. If I want the fan to rotate fast I have get up from the chair and get out and turn the knob of the regulator.

The incessant rain had stopped raining outside and the sun is having tough time trying to peek out of the thick cover of the clouds that covered the sky like cotton not yet woven into clothes; the days have become brighter perhaps the clouds are translucent and not opaque like a cotton, but it still stood its ground holding on to every inch of the sky like a foot soldier holding the ground after initial success of the battle and I see no movements in the formation of the clouds, as I squint my eyes and watch it from the office window.

Listening properly to the silence, it is actually not a silence; I can hear at least three different types of insects making noise like generator busy producing electricity, nonstop. The loudness of the noise and the continuity of the sound that is produced would make some people think that the insect must be a big one. And if you keep on concentrating on it, the sound irritates you more than it soothes you. Once I went to the source of the sound which was coming from a tree but I could not locate the bug as it switched of the generator and there were no way of finding it without the noise. But that incident confirmed that it was a small insect not bigger than the thumb. And this insect makes noise whenever there is a break during the rainy day; it is like a harbinger of the sunny day or a long pause in between rain. It is the dedicated bugler signaling the lull in the battle of falling water - cats and dogs as some may put it.

There are at least five different sounds of birds that I could hear. All singing and calling out in their own language oblivious of the surroundings in general and my listening in particular. Where must they be staying when it is pouring? I wonder. They must be getting wet with the rain because the rain here when it pours it even enters and threaten to enter the strong concrete house of us - humans. Oh! Poor birds, they must be getting wet, that may be the reason that they sing whenever the rain stops, punctuating the silence with glee and calling out the neighbours to dry out in the sun.

All these are happening as I look up at the rickety fan and wonder what to write about, in my blog today. There is lots of hustle and bustle going on amongst the different species that coexists with us on  the mother earth, and to which we the intelligent beings, give little considerations let alone listen to their chirping and vibrant buzzing noise produced by them.

I think the break in the rain would not be that long, before it pours again and the rain have all the right to pour as it is the season for the rain - June, July and August. I do not have any complaints like others but when the rain keeps falling even when it is not its season I have complaints, as if it cares or matters just like the chirping of the birds and the insects it gets merged with the silence.

Listen to the silence and if you do not hear the insects and the birds……… you are in the city … take a break and explore… lol