Friday, 19 June 2015

Views and Reviews

It is when we are in doubt and when we do not know about a place or stuff properly we seek the views of the others which help in decision making and choosing or buying things. The opinions of customers for a shop/hotel, viewers for movies and critics for a book or a movie given in written is known as reviews and this reviews makes of breaks the success of the particular thing.

In today’s world of information, the world of social media and mass connectivity the reviews written about a holiday destination, hotel, restaurant, shop, garments, electronics or anything, people tend to research for the positive reviews for that particular stuff before taking any decision. Even a simple task as downloading a mobile apps and installing it make us go through the reviews of others because it saves lots of time and money instead of downloading and installing it, just to find the app useless. But how authentic are the reviews?

It had been uncovered by the BBC that some of the hotels are paying others to write good reviews which look authentic. Now that the sites can easily be linked to FB, the more likes and more positive reviews draw more followers and yet more likes. It is doubted the there may be firms who specialize in writing good reviews about a stuff in many different names of the people, on payments. It may be illegal in some countries but here with cyber thing being fresh and advancing more rapidly than the legislature and its body could catch up, the legal handle might be found missing for the law enforcement force should the problem crop up. Does that mean all reviews are false or illegal to give the opinion?

It had been Bhutanese tendencies (and tendencies of the human kind) to seek the views of the others. In most of the organization the hearsay carries more credence than the report card or a CV. Not long ago the asking about a person was limited to a small circle that were nearby, now the views and report of the character of a person can be taken from people in far flung places due to connectivity. Before a person arrives to a new place on posting or transfer his deeds and character as perceived by others reach well before him.

Here it had to be noted that human beings are very adjustable and complicated animal that their behaviour is dictated by the behaviour of the others and the situations. It was found that the spouses of the murderers were found to have said that “Oh! He/she is so mild that he/she cannot harm a fly”. What we are seeing in a person might be the stuff that we encourage him to display.

As for the reviews about the places, holiday destination, food, electronics, etc. every individual had his own likes and dislikes. More importantly the dislikes of the others should not be allowed to be imposed on the likes of our own. But views or others and reviews do make a difference, when there is paucity of time and resources, otherwise who would not like try it once, to know the fact….