Saturday, 13 June 2015


The dirty disease of the southern foothills caused by the water borne bacteria necessarily ejected through the excrement of a person suffering from typhoid. In the absence of a treated drinking water the disease is rampant during the monsoon.

If you suffer from typhoid it is the sign that a poop of a person suffering from the same disease had gone into your digestive system. Waacck!!!  If a person residing on the upper slope of the region suffers from typhoid the numbers of others getting the disease would be more due to the obvious reasons of water running down stream, water seeping under the earth and using the toilet that was used by our forefathers when they were between monkey and human. Everything evolved to become what we are today except for the pooping place, the abundance of bushes and cover helps in providing the required sanctity and requirements of the toilet papers is also removed due to the availability of leaves and twigs. With untreated water being supplied through taps and bad toilet and pooping habits the disease will not go away any time soon.

Typhoid is eradicated in many developed countries with only the treated water running through the taps and faucets, which is fit for consumption for human, and with the availability of toilets in abundance the requirements of having a bowel discipline rendered, redundant. The urge to poop can come anytime, anywhere; there is a proper place for it everywhere. And with the numbers of people that you find visiting the place in shopping malls we can understand the redundancy of the bowel discipline that we are so proud of.

There is a sign of trying to improve in the water quality. A team of experts visited all the water sources in and around, conducted some test which obviously found most of the water sources and the water that is oozing out of our taps are ‘not fit for consumption for human’. That is it. Hereafter it is your baby to take care of yourself with the purification of the water.

The water test result is cautionary and extreme caution was taken to boil the water and filter it before drinking. But with water laden with bacteria, virus, protozoa and the entire micro organism swimming freely, a droplet would contain thousands of them. A droplet is enough to make you fall sick and a droplet can enter from anywhere even while rinsing your mouth while brushing or while taking a bath. You cannot be too paranoid to take bath with boiled - filtered water or mineral water.

Got knocked down with typhoid twice but I am up and fighting the battle with the help of antibiotics. Now it is either, I become immune to the bacteria or the bacteria become resistant to the antibiotics. If the second thing happens the time is not far for having a mass casualty like that of plague in Europe once upon a time.

(That is how I end the story with once upon a time.)