Thursday, 4 June 2015

Saving an insect – Divine Intervention

I saw an insect with a weird wings flying and banging its head against the window panes again and again. I looked at it and felt like helping it by showing the door way which was totally on the opposite side. Catching it and throwing it would amount to risking being bitten for some of the unknown insects in the tropical regions have the most painful stings, as I have learnt from the experience.

There was one black insect like an ant with small wings which was too small to carry its body in the air if the proper law of physics was to be followed. It landed on my arms. I tried to blow it away but it did not budge so I wiped it with my bare hands, this agitated the insect and it stung me with series of painful stings. I still do not know what chemicals it produced to give that painful bite but it was definitely not like that of a bees sting for I did not see any hypodermic needle like thing coming out of its back side. Before I could do anything to it, it flew off with a quick flutter of its puny wings and vanish in thin air for I was busy tending the goose bumps like rashes rising up on my epidermis.

Next day I saw the insect that was trying to break open the window panes to go out lay dead on the window sills. I felt real sad for I would have easily saved it had I paid little attention and had I really wanted to. I was like god to the insect with larger picture of the world but there was no means of communication to tell the insect other than to help it manually which the insect may assume as a life threatening intervention and may try to assault me with its chemical weapon. But I had the upper hands to prevent that like a god – I could have caught it with a glass tumbler or with a paper cup and freed it from the door way to the open air to be united with its family and friends if it had any.

Today I saw another insect trying to go out following the same method – by breaking the window panes. This time, leaving all my works aside, I used a sheet of paper to direct it towards the open window and it flew away in the open environment. I felt glad that I was able to help and I did not have to regret the next day seeing its corpse on the window sill.

Sometimes our intervention causes more damage than help; once I saw hundreds ants trying to carry a dead larva to their nest which was only two meters away and it would have taken couple of hours to reach there. So I tried to help carry it and place it near the entrance of their nest, in the process I have injured and killed so many ants and when I dropped the larva at the entrance, the heap of soil collapsed and blocked the doorway of the nest. The organized ants ran here and there trying to save its life and it must have taken more time for them to reorganize again and to clear the doorway from a massive land slide than carrying the larva themselves. Not a single ant came near the larva to claim it again, maybe to avoid the wrath from the larva again.

Such may be the cause of the disasters and inconveniences felt by us due to the divine interventions that we are not able to comprehend in the dimension where we live. It is always good and comforting to have a larger picture if not the largest picture – the God’s Point of view, whatever happens, happens for a reason. The little hitches that we are facing in the process must be the slight land slide at the entrance caused by the bigger helping hands ......